Members of our team have authored articles and have frequently presented on numerous financial topics for professional journals and organizations, including The Canadian Bar Association, The Law Society of Ontario, National Judicial Institute, The American Bar Association, The Ontario Bar Admission Course, The Canadian Tax Foundation and for individual and groups of law firms. 


Selected recent articles authored by members of the Verity team include:

  • “The Issue with Sengmueller: What is Present Value?” published in Money & Family Law, October 2020
  • “Motions to Change: COVID-19 and a ‘New Normal’ for Support” published in Money & Family Law, May 2020

Please email for a copy of any article listed above or to discuss.  

Speaking Engagements

We facilitate professional development courses for legal and business professionals on various valuation, income tax and financial topics. We have presented on numerous financial topics, including:

  • Understanding financial statements and related disclosure
  • Introduction to business valuations
  • Business valuations in the context of litigation
  • Income calculations for support purposes
  • The role of the expert
  • Tracing excluded income
  • Post-Covid impact on income determination for support and business valuation
  • Income tax issues related to a separation agreement or domestic contract

We would be pleased to speak on any of the above or other financial topics tailored to your group. Please email to arrange.